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Updated Tryout Calendar


All Tryouts are at the Timothoy J Burvid (Caz) Ice Rink

25 Cazenovia Street Buffalo, NY 14220

Tryout fee-$20 per Player

Players should arrived as dressed as possible. One Parent per Player. Masks required in Rink


by posted 03/18/2021
Updated Rink Operating Procedures under Covid


When using Cazenovia Park Ice Rink please note:

Rink Usage Guide Highlights/ECDOH guidelines
  • Starting 2/1 all players, coaches and managers must be screened for signs of Covid.  Managers will take each player/coach's temperature and ask the questions on the Screening Questionnaire. Please record the names of all your players/coaches/manager on the checkoff form.  Just put a check mark or X for each person screened under the appropriate date. Save all check off sheets in your binder. If someone has a temperature of over 100'F and/or is exhibiting any signs of illness, that person should be sent home. IF A PLAYER/COACH OR MANAGER TESTS POSITIVE FOR COVID,ALL TEAM PRACTICES/GAMES/ACTIVITIES MUST BE CANCELED FOR 10 DAYS
  • No one can enter the rink no more than 20 minutes prior to practice/games.
  • Players should arrive dressed as much as possible. Parents should drop their player off unless player needs help putting on skates, in which case parents are asked to help their child finish dressing if help is needed) and leave the rink to return no more than 5 minutes before the game or practice begins. Parents who do not have to help their player take off skates/ helmet should leave the rink immediately after the game/practice and waiy outside or in the car for their player. ONE PARENT PER PLAYER IS ALLOWED. SPECTATORS MUST WEAR MASKS BUT THEY CAN CONGREGATE IN GROUPS OF NO MORE THAN 10 PERSONS.
  • 2 locker rooms will be assigned for every practice/game. There is still a 12 person maximum per locker room. Everyone in the locker room must wear a mask and maintain as much social distance as possible. Coaches are responsible for assigning locker rooms for practice. For games, one locker room will be assigned to each team but only 12 players/coaches can be in the locker room at one time.  Players will have to take turns getting ready. PLAYERS SHOULD ARRIVE DRESSED AS COMPLETELY AS POSSIBLE. MINIMALLY IN THEIR HOCKEY PANTS.PLAYERS WHO DRIVE THEMSELVES SHOULD NOT WEAR THEIR SHIN GUARDS WHILE DRIVING! Players will have 20 minutes in the rink at most so please encourage your players to arrive as dressed as possible.
  • Players and coaches must leave the rink as soon as possible after games/ practices...again only 12 people in a locker room. NO SHOWERS '


Please click on the "Documents" tab on the left to view the latest Rink Operating its entirety

by posted 01/01/2021
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